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Interrobang issue for Monday, September 12th, 2016

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Fanshawe collaborates on motion capture suit and arm sleeve for Parkinson's patients
Fanshawe has collaborated with researchers at Movement Disorder Diagnostic Technologies Inc. (MDDT) to create a prototype of a motion capture suit and tremor arm sleeve for Parkinson's patients. Read more

Drag show: A first in Fanshawe's history
On, Sept. 13, Fanshawe will have its first ever drag show featured on campus. Life's a Drag will be put on by the Fanshawe Student Union in partnership with DJMLive/Studio. Read more

Campus security tries to help combat rising levels of spiked drinks
The Campus Security Services office at Fanshawe is providing an alcohol test called drink smart tabs, which were designed for the safety of students. Read more

FSU VP Kevin Kaisar becomes our community champion
For the past couple of years, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) has partnered with Regional HIV/AIDS Connection as it is of great importance to the student union to promote sexual health and wellness. Read more

New survey shows millennials are more likely to be scammed than baby boomers
New research has shown that millenials are more vulnerable to being scammed than seniors and baby boomers alike, according to a study conducted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Read more


Fanshawe students place in top 10 in the Google Online Marketing Challenge
Fanshawe students placed in the top 10 position in the world for the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC), according to an Aug. 31 press release. Read more

Fanshawe remembers beloved student
Nathan Deslippe was an entrepreneur with a passion for life, yoga and enriching people. Nathan passed away during the weekend of Aug. 28; his body was found in his apartment. He was 27-years-old. Read more



My decision to remain abstinent
Many people ask me how I do it, but I think the most important question is why. Why do I choose to abstain from sex? I have come to understand that I am a part of the minority of people who choose to remain abstinent. Read more

What Does Kerra Seay?: Stoking the flames: The rise of the violent voter
I'll be the first to admit that, as a Canadian, I just can't stop reading about the 2016 U.S. election. I didn't even pay this much attention to the recent Canadian federal elections, and I'm a goddamn journalist. Read more



Netflix Canada: Top five movies you'll enjoy watching this fall
Are you the one stranded amongst all new blockbusters and don't know which one will captivate you and by that we mean distract you from schoolwork? Here are the top five non-mainstream movies on Netflix that are worth binge-watching. Read more

You do you: A guide to masturbation
Masturbation is an important aspect of anyone's sexual experiences. It's important to learn how your body works and feels before you can tell someone else how to pleasure you. Read more


Consent: How to know the difference between yes and no
I'm going to level with you, sex is great, but not everyone is in favour of getting frisky. There's only one way to figure out where your partner stands for sure, and that's by asking for consent. Read more


Renewing relationships: How to keep the spark alive
You're sitting at home trying to put pieces of their face together but haven't seen them enough to know what the whole thing is like altogether. Read more


Fanshawe promotes drinking smart education on campus
With the help of an anonymous online survey called Check Your Drinking, Fanshawe is helping students understand not only their drinking habits, but also the impact their drinking has on them. Read more


Foreplay: Do it before you screw it
According to Urban Dictionary, foreplay is defined as touching, kissing and licking each other in a stimulating manner in order to become turned on before having sex. Read more

Beauty Boy: Benefit brow solutions
This past summer, Benefit Cosmetics launched a whole line dedicated to brows. The beautifully designed silver packaging contains products that can help literally every brow dilemma you face. Read more

Answers to all your fitness questions
I often get asked which is better, pitting two fitness or nutrition items against each other. I've picked out some of the most popular questions and hope I can help you make a better or more informed choice. Read more


A pleasurable surprise waiting at the back door
Anal sex is considered to be a taboo in our society because of the stigma around it. Thankfully, Interrobang is here to change the stigma and introduce you to a whole new world. Read more

A truly epic audio-visual experience
The 2011 guided meditation film Samsara is a unique and thoughtfully crafted collage of gorgeous high definition footage documenting a variety of human behaviors, natural and unnatural sensations from around the world set to an intense world music soundtrack. Read more

Gone are the girls on the train
Lovers of Gone Girl rejoice; The Girl on the Train will fill your void for unlikeable characters, murder and supremely dysfunctional relationships. Read more

Wreckord Reviews: Bad Vibrations make for some good songs
A Day to Remember is the band that just keeps chugging. Their unique blend of metalcore and pop punk has been adopted by many and perfected by few since their formation in 2003. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
You'd rather be anywhere else but here and now. Responsibility sits on you like a mantle of discomfort. Anything that you hide will be found instantly. Read more

Mount "O": How to reach the peak
We all have faked it once or twice, but let's put an end to the facade, let's figure out how to reach our climax, climb Mount O and sail through the amazing ride that is an orgasm. Read more


What's all the buzz about?
Adult toys are somewhat of a taboo topic so I'm here to try and disarm the stigma. Many people in heterosexual relationships are afraid to suggest them to their partner because they don't want to make them feel inadequate. Read more


Setting the mood to do the deed
Ever wonder why you're not getting laid? Everything was going great at the bar, they laughed at your jokes and even suggested a quaint little ice cream place for dessert but when they got back to your place everything fell apart. Read more

Bringing London's comic community together
Manager of Heroes Comics, Christopher Runciman, is active in London's growing comic book community. Many of London's comic readers and collectors will line up for at least an hour or more to grab up to six comics during Free Comic Book Day. Read more

It's not just pillow talk
The best sex comes from an honest conversation. As easy as that sounds, it's harder than you think, especially when you're in the moment. Read more


Contraceptives: A cheaper alternative to sending your kid to college
By now you've likely heard (perhaps excessively) about how important it is to practice safe sex to not only prevent pregnancy but also STIs and STDs. With such a large variety of options available, sometimes it can be hard to know what provides the most protection and will work best for you. Read more

Spicing Up Your Sexercise
Spice up your sexercise with the waterfall, the helicopter, the wheelbarrow, the opposite rowboat and the upside-down fire hydrant. Read more

Want to know my dirty little secret?
Sex comes in all different shapes and sizes, and there is no definite understanding of what good sex is, but sometimes it takes just a little more than usual for some to get off. Read more

Canadian Horror Story: Bedroom Edition
My buddy and his girlfriend had finally decided to try anal sex for the first time. Her roommates were out of the house one day, so they had both decided it was the right time. Read more

STIs: Make sure what happens in the bedroom doesn't stay in you
It's time to get serious and talk sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Approximately one in four adolescents will contract an STD each year. Read more


Falcons hopeful to see an immediate benefit to this season, with addition of five new assistant coaches
Fanshawe Falcons are ready to welcome five new assistant coaches to its varsity staffing team for the 2016 to 2017. Read more

Motoring: The 2016 Mazda MX-5 with a twist
There's a reason Mazda MX-5 are a crowd favourite and with the option available to get this car as an automatic, there are few reasons to look in any other direction. Read more

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