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The Heel Turn: Fortune is the new "They"

Scott Stringle | Interrobang | Sports | February 14th, 2011

It was an exciting night on Impact last week, arguably the best episode in a long time as the identity of the new "They" was finally revealed after weeks of hints and speculations. The original plan that TNA supposedly had was to bring back the Main Event Mafia, but that was spoiled when Booker T and Kevin Nash re-signed with the WWE and competed in the Royal Rumble. This meant the TNA creative team had to come up with a replacement storyline fast. Scott Steiner returned to join Kurt Angle and Crimson, and they told their enemies Immortal that more reinforcements were coming later in the evening. Eric Bischoff still did not seem to believe this, as he figured that Angle was simply playing head games.

All was revealed though during the main event match between Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy. Nobody from Immortal was supposed to be near ringside to interfere, but when have they ever followed the rules? The full force of the heel faction started beating down the champion Anderson, until Fortune came down to assist. It was all a clever ruse though, as AJ threw up the Fortune hand sign and they cleared the ring of the bad guys, leaving only Hardy standing. He wasn't vertical for too long though, as Robert Roode rocked him with a vicious clothesline. AJ then picked up the former champ and nailed him with the Styles Clash, leaving Hardy motionless on the mat.

Bischoff, of course, came storming out to scream about how Fortune were nothing but ungrateful SOBs, and that TNA was nothing until he and Hulk Hogan put it on the map. AJ countered with one of the greatest speeches ever, which came off almost like a shoot. He said that Fortune was not going to take a backseat to anybody anymore, and that they were not going to allow Bischoff to run TNA into the ground like what happened to WCW. Styles made another great point when he stated that some of the guys Hogan and Bischoff brought in had no business being in wrestling in the first place, a reference perhaps to the Nasty Boyz, among others, who didn't bring anything to TNA.

Hopefully this is a sign of great things to come, as TNA has plenty of amazing talents who've been there all along, such as AJ, Kazarian and Samoa Joe. These are the guys who truly built the company, and as such they deserve the spotlight.

The WWE Royal Rumble also occurred recently, and the results were mostly predictable. Edge retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Dolph Ziggler, and Randy Orton failed to take the WWE title away from the Miz. The 40 man Rumble match was won by Alberto Del Rio. For a while during the match, I was worried that Cena was going to win, until the Miz came in and threw him over the top rope, despite not even being a legal competitor. The most mind-boggling result of the PPV has to be Eve winning the Divas belt, even though she has done absolutely nothing lately to deserve it.
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