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Cardio versus cardio: The best cardio to melt away fat
Getting rid of fat may not be as easy as you think, but it's not impossible. Read more

Muscles with Mary Jane
Learning about what taking marijuana can do to your body physique. Read more

Food for a cause: Fanshawe and medical foundation bring Chef Michael Smith to London
Chef Michael Smith will be in London on April 24 and 25 for two special events, one including the Fanshawe Community. Read more

Five sinful foods you thought were healthy
How good are you at spotting good food versus bad food? Read more

Juno week festivities promise to keep Londoners entertained
London is set to host the 48th annual Juno Awards, along with a number of other events leading up to the big night. Read more

Understanding the art of meditation
Understanding meditation isn't as difficult as it may seem. Read below for some key components of meditating. Read more

Transforming the fashion body with this year's Unbound fashion show
Third year students of Fanshawe's fashion design program are undeviatingly working toward this year's Unbound fashion show set for April 13. Read more

Five key nutrients you probably don't know you need
There are bound to be a number of nutrients, like the five above, that you probably don't know exist and that you need in your life. Read more

Cocktail Show makes its way back to London
The London Cocktail Show, presented by Fresh Radio 103.1 is making its second arrival at Budweiser Gardens on March 23. Read more

Fanshawe's Sharing Shop kicks off Share-O-Gram
Amy Romao, the FSU's administrative support services and the co-ordinator of The Sharing Shop, has begun the Sharing Shop's 5th annual Share-O-Gram. Read more

The Out Back Shack to host Bob Marley Birthday Bash
The Out Back shack is preparing to host a Bob Marley Birthday Bash themed pub night on Tuesday February 5. Read more

Tips to keep fitness motivated this winter
It's no question that staying indoors during a cold and snowy evening is more enticing than a walk in a park, or even finding the strength to scrape the ice off your windshield to go see friends. Read more

How to start a fitness routine this year
Learn the foundations to starting your own fitness routine this year. Uncover ways to set goals, what to look for, and supplement breakdown. Read more

FSU to hold sumo wrestling tournament
On Monday Jan. 28, students and staff can suit up and step into the ring for the Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) sumo wrestling showdown. Read more

A "new year, new me" attitude all year long
It's that time again. A new year bringing forth a magnitude of hopes and beliefs we paint for ourselves, in the attempt to correct our shortcomings or wrongdoings. Read more

Fanshawe business students to participate in insurance case competition
Business finance and professional financial services students are getting ready to compete on Dec. 6, in an upcoming case competition sponsored by Sun Life Financial. Read more

NHL coaches launch new online hockey training system is a website that was launched by a few NHL and pro coaches to provide videos and lessons for various ages or skill levels to help with development in all areas of the game. Read more

Fanshawe's fashion department to open pop-up shop with Goodwill Industries
Partnering with Goodwill Industries, Fanshawe's fashion marketing and management students are opening a pop-up shop at the Goodwill Community and Donation Centre located on Horton Street at Wellington Road. Read more

Perfect New Spot for Fanshawe Students
Nest.Cafe is the newest addition to the already well-established Marienbad Restaurant and Chaucer's Pub in downtown London. Read more

Jumpstart your future with the Ignite Career Conference
The Ignite Careers Conference is right around the corner on Nov. 3. Students will be in for a real treat by learning some interesting material for their future and hearing from Fanshawe grad and keynote speaker Nicole Snobelen. Read more

London Comic Con is coming to town
With much anticipation for the 5th annual London Comic Con running Oct. 26 to 28, officials of the event are preparing for their biggest year. Read more

Celebrating World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day is quickly approaching, celebrating its 26th anniversary on Oct. 10. Read more

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