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Interrobang issue for Friday, January 11th, 2019

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Fanshawe starts Here for You campaign to drive awareness of student services
Fanshawe's student services is launching a campaign to promote the number of services available to students. Read more

Colleges Ontario reports positive outcome for job-ready graduates
Eighty-six per cent of Ontario college graduates find employment within six months, according to recent statistics released by Colleges Ontario. Read more

Professor wins national respiratory therapy award
Julie Brown, professor and co-ordinator of Fanshawe's respiratory therapy program in the School of Health Sciences, is a strong leader, an excellent teacher and displays passion for her work both in and out of the school. Read more

Bathroom stall art raises mental health awareness
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is using bathroom art to send messages of hope and positivity. Read more

Newly elected councillor makes local history
Arielle Kayabaga, the first black female city councillor in London, was inspired to run because of the lack of representation in politics. Read more

Get to know your new city councillors
London's 2018 municipal election introduced several newly appointed city councillors, who answered some of our questions via email. Read more

Fanshawe fights to end violence against Indigenous women
The reality of 1,200 murdered and missing Indigenous women concerns every single Canadian. Read more

The Marrow Thieves inspires community activities for One Book One London
This winter, the London Public Library hosts its third annual One Book One London program, which will be featuring The Marrow Thieves. Read more



From the Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to a new year and another week and issue of the Interrobang. Read more

Twenty-nineteen: The Year of Truth
I committed perjury. That is, I lied under oath. Here's the story. I worked for a small trucking company. The owner had his own issues and the business was struggling. I felt a lot of loyalty to him. Read more

Stop hating on New Year's resolutions
Many people have negative opinions about New Year's resolutions and find that they often do not last more than a couple of months. However, that does not mean that people should stop making resolutions to better their lives. Read more

A "new year, new me" attitude all year long
It's that time again. A new year bringing forth a magnitude of hopes and beliefs we paint for ourselves, in the attempt to correct our shortcomings or wrongdoings. Read more

Mean, green, vegan machine
Going vegan may mean supplementing various dietary requirements that are found in animal products with (sometimes) less effective plant-based diets which require much more planning and restrictions. Read more


Five apps for weight loss
There is an app for everything and weight loss and fitness is no exception. Having some of the tools you'll need to achieve your fitness goals in your pocket will help keep you on track. Read more

Equipment to get a good workout from home
Working out is a wonderful stress reliever that also has great effects on your physical health. However, not everyone has time and or the money for a gym membership. Read more

Staying active as a student
It's extremely hard trying to lead a healthy lifestyle as a post-secondary student. The two concepts just don't line up very well and one of the most difficult aspects of this is finding the time and energy to exercise and stay in shape. Read more

Active playlist
Music sets the mood for anything: gym-goers deserve good music to accompany them on their transformative journey. Interrobang curated a small collection based on a few popular genres of music. Read more

Etiquette at the gym
Regardless of what gym you go to there will always be certain people that get on your nerves without even realizing it. If no one bothers you at the gym, there is a good chance that maybe you are the annoying one. Read more

The pros and cons to four popular diets
This is a look into four popular diets and why they may or may not be beneficial to your health. Keep in mind that everyone is different so these ideas are based on research of the average person and if you are planning to go on a diet you may want to consult your doctor first. Read more

Deskercise: Getting active while sitting
Going out to exercise is key to keeping in shape, but for those who don't have the time to do so there are other ways to workout without ever leaving your seat. Read more

What's the perfect bottle for you?
Nowadays, customized water bottles are increasing in popularity because of the multi-functional purposes they have, which are used best for different activities. There is a bottle out there for about everything, but what's the best water bottle for your workout? Read more

DJ Drezo headlines Winter Fest Week
L.A.-based electronic dance music (EDM) DJ Drezo will infuse his music's high-powered beats into the new term on Jan. 24. Read more

Fanshawe alumnus making waves in the local hip hop scene
Notable London hip-hop artist and Fanshawe graduate Left Lane (Jordan Lindo) recently teamed up with current Music Industry Arts (MIA) student Peter Graham and the two have already begun making major waves in the London music industry. Read more

Apostle: Exhaustingly gruesome
One of Netflix's latest original horror movies, Apostle, is a drawn out yet bizarrely intriguing period piece laced with gut wrenching brutalities. Read more

A healthy lifestyle: Expectation versus reality
Living a healthy lifestyle isn't something that can happen overnight, but with time and patience, it is possible to get there. Read more

Tips to saving money after the holidays
Student budgets are not that forgiving so it is important that you get our finances back on track after a little too much spending over the holidays. Read more

Five New Year's resolutions you can actually keep
With a new year comes the idea of starting fresh. It's the cycle of New Year's Resolutions. Read more

How to get back into "school mode" after the holidays
Whether or not you want to believe it, it is an inevitable fact that winter break is over. Read more

Top five movies of 2018
Movies are a great way to spend time with friends and family, kill some time, or just keep you company. Here are the top five 2018 movies. Read more

Review: On The Corner Where You Live by The Paper Kites
Australian indie rock band, The Paper Kites, recently visited Canada with stops all over Ontario, including London, to promote their latest release On The Corner Where You LiveRead more

Join the fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
On Dec. 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch hit the shelves in stores and it's become a phenomenon among fans. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Make plans with someone you love and go out and have a good time. It will bring you closer and encourage greater emotional stability. Read more

Top albums of 2018
Twenty-eighteen was the year of new releases, with bands who had gone through a brief hiatus but have all resurfaced with new sounds. Read more

Realistic fitness goals
Many New Year's resolutions involve setting a fitness goal. General fitness goals are arbitrary and immeasurable. This makes the goal less attainable and less likely to be met by the end of the year. Read more


Motoring: Top five cars of 2018
In 2018, I drove 63 new cars, and the following is a list of the five best - hint, they're all built for fun! Read more

Laurier cheerleading team wins ninth national championship
On Dec. 5, the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks cheerleading team won the ninth national championship in their program's history. Read more

Falcons on track to record-setting year
The Fanshawe Falcons had their best fall season in history and are on the verge of having another record-setting year. Read more

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