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The Bible: Here's one way to start
Sometimes people ask me for a copy of the Bible. That's not a problem. I've given away a fair share of them. Read more

A simple but powerful message of love
If you have never heard a priest, pastor, or minister of a church speak, you might wonder what kinds of things they say. Read more

A conspiracy theory unmasked
At this time of each year Churches around the planet begin a time period called Lent. It starts about now and lasts 40 days. Read more

The concept of being a sinner
Meditating on the nasty effects of your sins can have the benefit of making you aware that you need forgiveness and a change of life. Read more

A desert temptation makes Christmas understandable
In my last column I wrote about a story that appears a couple pages into the Bible. It is the story of how Adam and Eve, the first human pair in the Bible, were seduced into sin. Read more

The ethics of Jesus, part three: Adultery
Committing adultery is something clearly not seen as a wise move even in Jesus' time, but it still happened from time to time. Read more

Under the influence: Understanding a Commandment
Jesus mapped out his ethics near the beginning of one of the written versions of his life. This one is called Matthew. Read more

Rumours of Grace: Shootings and accusations
Canadians place a high value on inclusion and diversity. Yet, the shooting at the Quebec mosque reminds us that not everyone embraces those values. Read more

Rumours of Grace: The God who picks up rags
Give yourself a bizarre experience this Christmas: read the two stories - both almost 2,000 years old - of the birth of Christ, of Jesus. They are both contained in the Christian Bible. Read more


Cinema Connoisseur: A horde of Lord films
Easter is once again upon us, and as usual, Jesus seems to be taking a back seat to the bunny. Oh sure, I'm part of the problem — I will purchase chocolate for my children. And like any responsible parent, I will eat that chocolate wh... Read more

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