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A mini guide to financial aid
School is hard enough, but the true challenge of attending college lies in the thought of how you are going to pay for it all.  Read more

The ever-changing face of OSAP
The execution of the new OSAP framework has generated mixed responses from disappointment to appreciation among students across the province, and within Fanshawe College. Read more

How to apply for work study, the benefits of working for Fanshawe
The Fanshawe Financial Aid Office offers a couple of bursaries that students can apply too within each semester. Work study is one of those many bursaries for those in financial need. Read more

Financial Aid at Fanshawe
Many students by now will have already received their Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) money and have started putting it towards their tuition, rent, and other expenses. It is important that students fully understand how OSAP works to avoid issues in the future. Read more

Leave your money problems at home, we're here to help
Class registrations comes around the same time every year and yet, as students begin to take the time to carefully select their courses to sculpt a beautifully organized schedule, many are still blown away with the realization of just how much it is going to cost. Read more


Work study: Many students applying, few getting in
The work study program offered through Fanshawe is designed to help students find work on campus. However, vague questions, strict algorithms and short time-out windows have led to the rejection of a large number of students in need of financial assistance. Read more

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