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How my learning disability impacts me as an adult
Opinion: I'm thankful that I can use computers to accommodate my learning disability (LD), but that doesn't erase the impact my LD has on my life. Read more

Combating ableism in our school: what ableism is and being an ally
Ableism is discrimination in the favour of able-bodied people. With that said, most people reading this are probably thinking to themselves that they do not do anything outwardly ableist on purpose. Read more

Fanshawe professor paves way for artists with disabilities
New exhibit highlights the works of Londoner Gerard Pas, a disabled artist whose battle with polio left him culturally and socially isolated due to an atrophied leg. Read more

How to stay healthy when you have a chronic health issue
Dealing with a health condition, whether it be long or short-term, hidden or out there, can be hard as a student - especially if you're dealing with kids, relationships and work, as many of us do. Read more

Program for students with developmental and intellectual disabilities comes back for second year at Fanshawe
The Community Integration Through Co-Operative Education (CICE) program, is a two-year certificate program designed for people with learning challenges that are interested in seeking higher education for future career success. Read more


CICE empowering individuals with learning challenges to discover their full potential
CICE is a specialized two-year certificate program that encourages students with developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries and other significant learning challenges in furthering their education and helping integrate them into a work field of choice. Read more

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