Current Issue: Thursday, September 17th, 2020

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Students to compete within their own faculty for Research and Innovation Day
College members can show off their world-changing ideas at Fanshawe's Research and Innovation Day, on March 18. Read more

Young entrepreneur to launch accessibility app
At 19, Ryan Kelly has created an app that will make the Internet a more accessible place for Ontarians with disabilities. Read more

New business pitch event taking place during Research and Innovation Week
The Pitch: 131 Seconds for $50,000 is running for the first time ever on March 20 and senior leaders from Fanshawe will have an opportunity to pitch their research project ideas. Read more

Innovate and connect during Fanshawe's Innovation Week
From March 18 to 22, Fanshawe College will be holding it is first Innovation Week. Read more

Get ready for Fanshawe's Research and Innovation Day
Fanshawe students and staff will be able to showcase the projects they've been working on, at this year's Innovation and Research Day on March 20. Read more

Fanshawe ranks among top 10 research colleges for second year
Fanshawe College has ranked among the top 10 of Canada's 50 research colleges for 2018, according to an annual list compiled by Research Infosource Inc. Read more

Research and Innovation Day is coming to Fanshawe
If you have any research or innovation projects that you would like to showcase, you're in luck- Research and Innovation Day at Fanshawe is fast approaching. Read more

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