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Interrobang articles by George Maragos

What you didn't know about popular Winter holiday celebrations
It's the most magical time of the year. The holiday season is steeped with tradition across cultures and throughout history. There may be some things people don't know, as well as some interesting similarities to celebrations throughout the world. Read this article

Fanshawe makes history with United Way Campaign
Fanshawe's United Way Campaign raised over $100,000 for the eighth consecutive year for a grand total of nearly one million dollars. Read this article

Health Canada food packaging warning against sugar, sodium, and saturated fats
Health Canada is proposing required front-of-package labeling for products high in sugar, sodium, and saturated fats. Read this article

Cadence Weapon comes to London Music Hall
Canadian rapper, Roland Pemberton a.k.a. Cadence Weapon is leading the way when it comes to rap music and with a newly released self-titled album, he's surely making an impact in the music industry. Read this article

Pokemon: Trainers guide to the game
Pokemon was popularized in the '90s by the Gameboy games and then by the cards, a manga, an anime, and movies. But how many people that collected the cards actually played the game? Read this article

The History of Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball was created by Akiro Toriyama first published in the manga series 'Weekly Shonen Jump' 1984. The story begins when a young boy named Goku was found in the woods by an old karate master who trained him in martial arts. Read this article

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario comes to Fanshawe during London visit
Just a week after the extreme weather event that had London and surrounding communities flooded, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), Dr. Dianne Saxe, came to give a talk at the Central Library on Dundas Street. Read this article

Heavy rainfall leaves London swimming in deep water
Torrential downpours, compounded by warm weather which melted ice and snow created quite the soggy situation for many Londoners at the end of February. Read this article

Deadly sins of freshman finances - common financial mistakes students make
Coming to college may be the first opportunity for many to move away from home. However, students are hit with a multitude of new experiences and challenges; avoiding financial mistakes is one of them Read this article

Student discounts: perks and other ways to save in college
Some college students know what it's like to live a meager life. The person eating ramen noodles daily and asking to do laundry at a friend's house, might benefit from learning a few ways to save money in college. Read this article

Fanshawe alumnus making his way to the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival
In the past few years things have really taken off for Fanshawe alumnus, actor/comedian Austen Alexander, creating Eggs Comedy on YouTube and and headlining a monthly comedy show. Read this article

Get to know the Indigenous community
Without a post-secondary education, Indigenous people's employment rate is approximately 40 per cent, whereas with an education, the average approximate employment rate increases to about 77 per cent Read this article

Have An International Experience
An international experience is quite valuable and can be had right here if you make the right connections. Fanshawe College has been recognized as one of the top schools in the world for international student satisfaction. Read this article

Fanshawe students experience a fun and educational law enforcement trip to Miami
Students in Fanshawe's police foundations program had a real life training trip while in Florida for a Miami law enforcement experience Read this article

Fanshawe student and Student Wellness Centre don't see eye to eye on gym dress code
On Jan. 23, Fanshawe student Elizabeth McKenzie came to the Student Wellness Centre to exercise and was asked to change the top she was wearing. Read this article

The dangers of the Tide pod challenge
The Tide pod challenge is the latest Internet trend where a person records themselves biting into a detergent pod and having the contents burst from their mouth. Read this article

Feeling down? Saddle up!
When thinking of ways to stay fit one may consider gym memberships and diets. However, horseback riding can be an interesting way to stay active and maintain your physical and mental health. Read this article

Old school, new school or at school: the best value for workouts
The much anticipated Wellness and Fitness Centre is the place to be for working out. I's one of a kind for a post-secondary campus, featuring a three story rock wall two floors of exercise equipment. Read this article

What You didn't Know about popular winter holiday celebrations
It's the most magical time of the year. The holiday season is steeped with tradition across cultures and throughout history. There may be some things people don't know, as well as some interesting similarities to celebrations throughout the world. Read this article

Lest We Forget: Londoners remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice
The 83rd Remembrance Day ceremony at London's cenotaph in Victoria Park attracted crowds commemorating veterans who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. Read this article

Exploring the Forest City is as Easy as a Walk in the Park
London is known as the Forest city, and as such, has a multitude of parks to explore. The outdoors is a priceless commodity for the community and can be enjoyed at the many parks throughout the city. Read this article

Eco-friendly tips and tricks while you're out and about
Taking the initiative to renew, reuse, and recycle is a focal point of Canadian culture. There are steps businesses and customers can take to create an environmentally friendly society. Read this article

Celebrities Help Breakdown The Stigma Against Mental illness
Mental illness is a stigma in society that can be broken down by the people we admire; celebrities. Most people know Johnny Depp from his role in Pirates of The Caribbean, but some may be surprised to learn that he actually suffers from social anxiety disorder (SAD). Read this article

Hang tough don't puff: program to quit smoking
According to The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, addiction and mental illness can cut 10-20 years off a person's life expectancy. Smoking is one of the most common and widely accepted addictions. Read this article

Nathan Jackson: Meet Fanshawe's new First Nations Student Association president
Second year student Nathan Jackson is the invigorated, newly elected Fanshawe First Nations Student Association president with big plans. Read this article

Wellness and Fitness Centre touts new tall wall to climb
Fanshawe's Wellness and Fitness Centre welcomes students and staff to scale their new 36 foot tall, three-story rock wall. Read this article

From Hysteria to Pleasure: The History of Vibrators
The first sex toys were not used for sex, they were phallic ornaments thought to ward of evil spirits and help gardens grow. Read this article

Become a more embodied person: Less in head, more in body with Tantric sex
If sex was compared to food, one night stands and quickies would be the equivalent to fast food compared to the five star four course meal that is sexual continence. Read this article

From casual to classy: George's favourite fall looks
It's time to go back to school, time to wake up early and get dressed. Students come to school to learn and eventually get a job. Read this article

It's college, not a movie
You are now a college student ready to do all the things you've seen people in movies do such as the sex crazed drunken parties and pulling all-nighters. Movies can give people the wrong idea of what to expect in college, embellishing the truth for entertainment value. Read this article

The Social Lab: A London YouTube experiment
Londoners Matt McKeever, Peter Kloczko, and Kellan Paniccia are creating Canada's first YouTube house called The Social Lab, not to be compared with other reality television shows of the past. Read this article

ONtour concert series hits a high note in London
The ONtour concert series made its way to London, Ont., and helped kick off the city's Ribfest at Victoria Park. Read this article

A flag flown in pride
In a sign of solidarity with its LGBTQ+ community, Fanshawe raised the Pride flag in front of F building on Thursday July 20. Read this article

Fanshawe hosts Indigenous basketball tournament
Fanshawe held an Indigenous basketball tournament on June 7th in Fanshawe's fitness center gymnasium. Open to students, parents and spectators, the games kicked off at 10 a.m. and ran through to 2 p.m. Read this article

Finding the best summer resolution for you
The summer is truly the best time to start something new. People make New Year's resolutions, wanting to start off the year with a positive change. All of the holidays occurring during that time can make changes stressful. Read this article

Fanshawe Falcon soars to Canada's U21 Volleyball team
Fanshawe Falcon Andre Foreman was announced by Volleyball Canada to be selected to play libero for team Canada's under 21 (U21) Men's Junior National team, according to a Fanshawe Athletics media release. Read this article

Focusing and feeling at ease with the help of fidget spinners
It's the 21st century and at this point we're supposed to have flying cars and hoverboards, instead we have a new spinning toy called a fidget spinner. Read this article

Fanshawe and FSU gear up for Pride London Festival
Fanshawe and the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) are getting ready for this summer's Pride London Festival. Read this article

FSU barbecue met with animal rights protesters
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) put on their annual free summer barbecue in the SUB courtyard on May 11. Students were not only attracted by the free food, but also a petting zoo that showcased alpacas, bunnies, and goats. People's attention shifted to a protest led by Fanshawe student Ilana Walker, a member of the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) London chapter. Read this article

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