Current Issue: Friday, January 22nd, 2021

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Interrobang articles on the topic of Gender

Canada's discrimination in the hiring process
Going into an interview can already be stressful enough without having to think of the colour of your skin, size of your body, gender, or ethnicity as reasons to hold you back. Read this article

Does the Christian Church stifle diversity?
Opinion: All churches can do better about being inclusive. Read this article

Federal government invests $1.5 million to end, prevent gender-based violence on campus
The federal government has announced it will invest $1.5 million towards ending gender-based violence on campus over the next two years. Read this article

I am scared to exist as my gender
I am always in defence mode because I will never know what someone's intentions are. Read this article

Editorial: Inequality in sports is everywhere
I've never been bullied for being a competitive female athlete. Instead, my classmates and closest friends have taken aim at my sport. Read this article

Understanding the historic concept of women in music
Despite recent progressions in women's liberation, barriers are still prevalent in all industries, making it difficult for women to find success and the music industry is no exception. Read this article

Letter to the Editor: Gender pay gap!
I was on my way to my economics class when I walked by the bookstore and to my dismay, I noticed that there was a booth offering information regarding the gender pay gap. Read this article

What's gender got to do with it?
Your genitals do not determine your gender. Biological sex and gender identity exist on two separate spectrums and they don't always correlate. Read this article

(Just) say my name
Everyday individuals make subconscious assumptions about others based off the appearances that society has been brought up to perceive in a specific manner. But times are changing, and there is a growing number of people who understand that the world has not been constructed in binaries. Read this article

Classic Classified Classrooms
Gender bias and dominance in the classroom is a familiar notion; however, it is not addressed as often as it should be. Diversity is important, and aside from race, sexual orientation or gender, everyone is different as a person. Read this article

Students pleased with the "You Don't Say" campaign
Fanshawe's You Don't Say campaign is receiving positive feedback from students. Since October 2016, posters of student leaders have been displayed across the campus, with captions explaining why they don't say certain expressions. Read this article

Fanshawe among Canadian colleges headed on the right path for female leadership
When it comes to the differences between colleges and universities, female leadership is another factor to add to the discussion. Read this article

London ranked third best place to be a woman in Canada
In the recent study authored by senior researcher Kate McInturff at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, London was rated the third best place to be a woman in Canada. Read this article

Rumours of Grace: Trump, gender inequality, churches and a glimpse of God
Commentators on the Clinton vs. Trump Sept. 26 debate are making the point that gender inequality was reflected in comments Trump made. He said that he did not believe that Clinton has the stamina to be the president of their country. Read this article

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