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What does Weinstein's verdict mean for survivors?
Opinion: The Weinstein trial demonstrates the extreme difficulty of prosecuting men for sexual assault. Read more

Triggers in the news: Surviving the Weinstein trials
News of Harvey Weinstein's behaviour and the bravery of the women who came forward popularized the #MeToo Movement. Read more

Netflix fix of the week: <em>Unbelievable</em>
Unbelievable, Netflix's newest release starring Kaitlyn Dever, Toni Collette and Merritt Wever, is a true crime drama that will take your breath away. Read more

Consent 101 with Fanshawe's Sexual Violence Prevention Advisor
Interrobang sat down with Leah Marshall, Fanshawe's Sexual Violence Prevention Advisor, to discuss consent and paint a clearer picture on how to have consensual sex and prevent sexual violence. Read more

Fifty-five per cent of surveyed Fanshawe students have been sexually harassed
According to a recently published survey, 55 per cent of 3,192 Fanshawe College respondents have experienced sexual harassment, and 22.8 per cent have had a non-consensual sexual experience. Read more

Funding announcement "disappointing" for Ontario sexual assault centres
The director of a London-based sexual assault centre is saying that the Ford government is not providing enough funding to meet an increasing demand for its services. Read more

London Police Services Board seeks feedback on Sexual Assault Investigation Policy
The London Police Services Board (LPSB) is requesting community feedback on its Sexual Assault Investigation Policy draft until Dec. 10. Read more

The Ghomeshi Effect: Performing the impact of sexual violence
The Ghomeshi Effect explores how Canada's legal system treats victims of sexual violence through dance and verbatim theatre. Read more

London Police Service: Always be alert
Several recent incidents have officials reminding students to always be alert and aware of their surroundings. Read more

London Votes: What mayoral candidates are saying about preventing sexual violence in the city
The Interrobang asked several of London's mayoral candidates how they plan to prevent sexual violence and make the city a safer community for everyone. Read more

The pros and cons of 13 Reasons Why
The show 13 Reasons Why is one of the most controversial shows on Netflix right now. Read more

New program for men coming to Fanshawe
A male-targeted program discussing sexual violence is coming to Fanshawe College in November. Read more

LHSC medical technician terminated and charged for sedating and sexually assaulting a patient
A June 5 press release from the London Police Service (LPS) announced that twenty-four-year-old Vincent Gauthier, of London, Ont., was charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by administering or attempting to administer a drug.  Read more

Fanshawe's sexual violence prevention advisor wins leadership award
Leah Marshall, Fanshawe's sexual violence prevention advisor, received a leadership award from the Ontario College Counsellors (OCC) on May 14 at North Bay, Ont. Read more

Fanshawe hosts a two day women based self defence course
Over the weekend of Jan. 27 and Jan. 28, Fanshawe will be running a Wen-Do Women's Self Defence course. Read more

Wearing black at the Golden Globes is symbolism, not activism
The 2018 Golden Globes were an emotional affair. Oprah told sexual predators 'your time is up', men donned '#TimesUp' pins, and women traded colourful designer gowns for black designer gowns. But the hype surrounding the black dress movement is dangerous, because the Golden Globes were not activism. Read more


London Police Service unveils results from sexual assault case review
London Police Service (LPS) is changing the manner in which sexual assault cases are coded to more accurately show the result of an investigation and be more reflective of their victim-centred approach. Read more

London coming together as a community to adopt United Nations sexual violence prevention strategy
With the prevalence of sexual violence in London being so high, it is necessary that there is action taken to determine why this is happening and develop a prevention plan. Read more

Bringing awareness of sexual violence prevention services
In a simple, yet creative way to bring more awareness of Fanshawe's sexual violence prevention program, this year's red and white bus pass holders feature consent messaging. Read more


SACL informal survey opens discussion about sexual violence
An informal survey from Sexual Assault Centre London (SACL) is sparking conversation about sexual violence on buses. Read more


Raised awareness of sexual violence increases province-wide need for counsellors
Over three years ago, an anonymous Fanshawe student was sexually assaulted by someone she didn't know. As she subsequently pursued a legal case against her attacker, she sought out support from the Sexual Assault Centre of London (SACL) in the summer of 2016. Read more


Crime prevention tip of the week
February is a romantic month, a time where people make plans and strive to impress that special someone. But remember: no means no. Read more

London Police Service restructuring investigations into sexual violence cases
The London Police Service is restructuring the way in which officers deal with cases of sexual violence, after a recent Globe and Mail article discovered London has one of the highest number of unfounded case rates of the 25 largest police communities in the country. Read more

Sexual violence campaign spells out support
Making campus a safer and more supportive place is as easy as writing a letter. A new sexual violence awareness campaign hopes to channel some of the Valentine's Day love and send it to survivors of sexual violence. Read more

Screening of the doc Audrie & Daisy
Audrie & Daisy is an urgent, real-life drama that examines the ripple effects on families, friends, schools and communities when two underage young women find out their sexual assaults have been caught on camera. Read more

Ontario government funds sexual assault awareness program for London organization
The Center for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children has received $300,000 to improve sexual assault awareness and provide training for Ontario post-secondary campus workers. Read more


New legislation allows victims of abuse to end lease early
A change to the Ontario Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan and the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act will allow victims of sexual and domestic violence to end their lease earlier than before. Read more

Laci Green wants students to know they can help end sexual violence
YouTube sexpert Laci Green made her way back to Fanshawe as part of her Taking Down Rape Culture tour on Sept. 15. This stop was one of many across a number of North American colleges and universities. Read more


Marshall working with Fanshawe and community partners for sexual violence prevention and education
Sexual violence prevention advisor at Fanshawe, Leah Marshall, works with the college and community partners to bring two sexual violence prevention awareness initiatives to campus a month each year. Read more


Consent: How to know the difference between yes and no
I'm going to level with you, sex is great, but not everyone is in favour of getting frisky. There's only one way to figure out where your partner stands for sure, and that's by asking for consent. Read more

Fanshawe student creates colouring book for survivors
With the help of Fanshawe's sexual assault prevention advisor Leah Marshall, Fanshawe student Tristan McDonald came up with a colouring book to give a voice back to survivors. Read more


Ghomeshi verdict and the problem with reporting sexual assault
Anger, frustration and confusion were some of the emotions felt in the wake of the verdict of Jian Ghomeshi’s trial that held the attention of Canadians for months. The former CBC radio host was charged with four counts of sexual ass... Read more

Fanshawe leading the way in sexual violence prevention
As was revealed by Metro through an Access to Information request, former minister on the Status of Women Kellie Leitch said that in general, Canadian colleges and universities were falling behind when it came to preventative and responsive measures surrounding sexual violence on their campuses. Read more

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