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All about the English light novel boom
What is a light novel? It's a novel published in Japan with the word count of an American novel,about 50,000 words, but is the size of an old pocketbook. Read more

Anime's inception and journey across the seas
Did you know that anime is just a shortened form of animation? That's right, in Japan anime means no different to any type of animation produced in America. Read more

It's high time for slime to shine in <em>That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime</em>
Lately there have been a lot, and I mean a lot, of anime that are based on Japanese light novels being transformed into anime. Read more

Finding your translations online
In recent years, reading digital novels has become vastly popular amongst the reading community. With tablets like the Kindle and Kobo, you can have your whole library at the tips of your finger. Read more

Four Animes worth a watch on Netflix
A look at four anime series (Aldnoah.Zero, Madoka Magica, Gurren Lagann and Fate) that you can watch on Netflix. Read more

Get your geek fix in London
What might be surprising for any nerds or geeks in London is that the city actually has a large amount of stores dedicated to selling pop culture goods, boasting more than five stores in the downtown area alone. Read more

Where lies become salvation in Itsuwaribito
Can you save a life with a lie? How about a hundred? A thousand? For the manga Itsuwaribito, these are the questions that will be answered. Read more

The History of Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball was created by Akiro Toriyama first published in the manga series 'Weekly Shonen Jump' 1984. The story begins when a young boy named Goku was found in the woods by an old karate master who trained him in martial arts. Read more

Look forward to some awesome anime this winter
The New Year is here and with it comes new anime for those with a passion for it. The time is ripe to cozy up with your tablet or laptop and take a gander at some of the new shows this winter season. Read more

Five anime to look forward this fall
Fall is now upon us and that means new anime for this coming fall 2017 season. Along with many continuations of awesome series like My Hero Academia and the second season of Hozuki no Reitatsu, there are many new titles to enjoy in this upcoming autumn. Read more

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